Vigil Honor and Founder’s Award nominations open

Nominations are now open for Vigil Honor and Founder’s Award. These are marks of prestige and merit, showing that an Arrowman has gone above and beyond their position to serve the lodge and Scouting in general. Near the end of the year, youth committees will be formed to vote on the nominations, and recipients of the Founder’s Award and candidates for Vigil Honor will be announced at our lodge banquet next February.

An Arrowman must be a Brotherhood member for at least two years to be eligible for Vigil, and our lodge has six “slots” this year based on our last year’s total membership number (but doesn’t have to fill them if not enough Arrowmen are worthy). Founder’s Award has no honor level requirement, but we only get to award two of them. Neither award should be given simply for time served or a job done adequately. Take care to nominate only the most driven, most impressive Arrowmen our lodge has to offer.

The forms went out by email, but are also available on Dropbox:
* Vigil Honor Nomination (due 10 November)

* Founder’s Award Nomination (due 28 November)