Following the merger between the Na Mokupuni O Lawelawe and Maluhia Lodges, the Lodge Officers have decided that as a new lodge, we should design a new official lodge flap. To decide the new lodge flap, we will hold a competition. The rules are as follows:

  • You must be under 21 years of age and have paid Lodge Dues for the year of 2019 to submit a design. If you haven’t, pay them here.
  • Your design must be in the pocket flap format.
  • Your design must include the Owl (Pu’eo) wearing the Warrior Mask from the former Maluhia Lodge totem. (Images will be posted below for reference.)
  • Your design may have no more than five different colors.
  • All designs must be turned in by November 2nd.
  • Prize for competition winner to be announced before October 21st.

Submit your design to Vice Chief of Communications Brennan Lee and Communications Adviser Matt Rollins via email at and



Maluhia Lodge Flap featuring the Warrior Mask. (Above)
Previous Na Mokupuni O’ Lawelawe NOAC patches featuring the Pu’eo (Below)