Chapter Chief: Nathan C.
Chapter Adviser: Mr. Darren Cantrill
Meeting Location: Aloha Council – President’s Hall / 42 Puiwa Rd, Honolulu, HI 96817
Meeting Time: 7 P.M. every third Wednesday of the Month
Contact Information: (email) / (cell) 808-203-0810

What Do Chapters Do?

The primary focus of our chapters is to provide Unit Elections and to hold regular Chapter Meetings. Chapter programs vary by chapter but may also include:
  • Service Projects
  • Supporting their District at a Scout Show or Camporee
  • Ceremonies training
  • American Indian crafts and culture activities (visiting a powwow, learn dancing, crafts, etc)
  • Call-Out Ceremonies
  • Arrow of Light and Webelos Cross-Over ceremonies
  • Conducting or assisting with a Spring Conclave or other OA events

Coming To A Meeting?

  • Class A Uniform with OA Sash and Book
  • Meetings start at 7PM and end around 8:30PM