Na Mokupuni News

New 2020 Lodge Flap Competition!

Following the merger between the Na Mokupuni O Lawelawe and Maluhia Lodges, the Lodge Officers have decided that as a new lodge, we should design a new official lodge flap. To decide the new lodge flap, we will hold a competition. The rules are as follows:

  • You must be under 21 years of age and have paid Lodge Dues for the year of 2019 to submit a design. If you haven’t, pay them here.
  • Your design must be in the pocket flap format.
  • Your design must include the Owl (Pu’eo) wearing the Warrior Mask from the former Maluhia Lodge totem. (Images will be posted below for reference.)
  • Your design may have no more than five different colors.
  • All designs must be turned in by November 2nd.
  • Prize for competition winner to be announced before October 21st.

Submit your design to Vice Chief of Communications Brennan Lee and Communications Adviser Matt Rollins via email at and



Maluhia Lodge Flap featuring the Warrior Mask. (Above)
Previous Na Mokupuni O’ Lawelawe NOAC patches featuring the Pu’eo (Below)

Vigil and Founder’s Award season starting!

Aloha Arrowmen! It’s that time of the year again – your chance to recognize the most selfless, dedicated members of our lodge by nominating them for Vigil Honor and/or Founder’s Award. Just like electing new Ordeal candidates at the unit level, this is not a popularity contest. It’s a way to give thanks to those Arrowmen who have worked tirelessly, doing not just their jobs but the work of several jobs, to keep our lodge going strong. Who do you see at every induction weekend? Every lodge or chapter meeting? Who is always calling in to the Lodge Executive Committee to give their reports? Who flies over to support our lodge’s program on neighbor islands? Those are the best examples of selfless servant leadership, and the ones most likely to be chosen for Vigil Honor or Founder’s Award. 

Vigil Honor requires a member serve the lodge for a minimum of two years as Brotherhood; Founder’s Award has no requirement for time served. Vigil Honor nominations also come with the chance to bestow an American Indian or Native Hawaiian name on the candidate. Please keep in mind that only Arrowmen who have paid their lodge membership dues this year can nominate someone or be nominated as a potential Vigil Honor candidate or Founder’s Award recipient. If you have not paid your dues for this year, you may do so at this link:

Once the nomination period has ended, the selection committees will vote to select the Vigil Honor class and Founder’s Award recipients. The public recognition of the 2019 Vigil Honor class and Founder’s Award recipients will be at the Lodge Banquet on February 29th, Camp Pupukea. 

If you’re not sure who you can write up for either award, we’ve compiled lists of eligible Arrowmen:

Spring Induction Weekend 2019

Spring Induction Weekend registration is open now! The Induction Weekend is the Lodge’s opportunity to induct new members into the Order of the Arrow, and perform Brotherhood conversion. Candidates and Arrowmen can register here.

The Induction Weekend will be from May 3-4 at Camp Pupukea. Arrowmen and Staff should arrive from 6-7 PM on Friday, with Candidates arriving no later than 8 PM. Check in will occur in the Lodge. As per usual, there will be a banquet in the Lodge following the Ordeal, Saturday at 7:00 PM. Parents can also buy tickets for this using the registration link. Keep in mind that the cost for and Ordeal Candidate includes dinner for the Candidate, so you will only have to purchase tickets for each additional guest attending. The banquet should end around 8:30 and Arrowmen are welcome to stay and help clean up.

The Lodge will be holding a service project at Camp Pupukea on Saturday morning, May 4. All Arrowmen are encouraged to attend. We will be providing lunch for all those who attend.

Remember, you can only participate in Lodge and Chapter functions if you have paid your dues for this year. If you have not, you can do so here. Mahalo to all those who have already paid their dues.

Lodge Leadership Development & Banquet… & Vigil Weekend

Aloha Arrowmen! You’re invited to an exciting weekend of interactive games, educational classes, breakout sessions designed to support and foster Chapter growth, and an awesome banquet to recap last year’s successes! It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned Arrowman with national events under your belt or a brand new Chapter member looking to learn the ropes, this LLD will have something for you. Our very own Scout Executive, Jeff Sulzbach, will be there for a special Meet the Man session, and we’ll also have the Section Chief on hand to talk about the upcoming Conclave on Maui!

The Lodge Banquet will start Saturday at 6 PM. While enjoying delicious food, we’ll be celebrating the Founder’s Award recipients as well as cheering on our new Vigil candidates! After the Banquet is over, Vigil candidates will be briefed by the Vigil Chief and embark on their journey. Non-vigil members can head home, or relax at camp for a night of fun, games, and camaraderie with our neighbor-island brothers and sisters!

Registration for LLD:

If you’re staying overnight and wish to congratulate the candidates on their completion of the Vigil Honor, a celebratory banquet will be held at 10 AM on Sunday. Vigil banquet (Sunday) registration:

2019 dues are open!

2019 OA dues are now payable here. $15 for youth, $25 for adults.

Annual Pass also available at $60 for youth and $100 for adults – this covers dues as well as registration fees for two Induction Weekends, Lodge Leadership Development/Banquet, and Fellowship! Annual Pass holders also get an exclusive patch.

Winter summit Brotherhood conversion!

Have you been an Ordeal member for at least 10 months? Do you have the OA Obligation and Song memorized? Are you familiar with the tests of the Ordeal and the principals who gave them? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions (especially the first one), please come on up to Winter Summit at Camp Pupukea to seal your membership in the Brotherhood! Online registration can be found here. Write your Brotherhood letter and bring it with you, or email it to and in advance. Find more instructions about your letter (and everything that needs memorizing) in your Order of the Arrow Handbook.

Please report to Aloha Pavilion in full Field Uniform and sash at 7PM, December 27th. Bring your Order of the Arrow Handbook in case you need to review before the hike.

Fall Fellowship is just around the corner!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as the holidays approach, but fret not; a weekend of fun and fellowship with your OA family will take the edge off! In addition to various fun activities, we’ll be holding elections for all Lodge Officers for 2019! Online registration can be found here. See you there!

Oahu Fall Induction Weekend

Registration for the Oahu Fall Induction Weekend is now available at this link! Whether you’re staffing, going through the Brotherhood experience, or just coming up for the dinner on Saturday, please register as early as possible so we can plan for the right number of participants.

If you’re interested in serving as a youth Elangomat, please get in touch with the Ordeal Adviser, Mr. Bandini ( Elangomats will get an exclusive, unique dri-fit shirt as thanks for their service to the lodge.

Vigil Honor and Founder’s Award nominations open

Nominations are now open for Vigil Honor and Founder’s Award. These are marks of prestige and merit, showing that an Arrowman has gone above and beyond their position to serve the lodge and Scouting in general. Near the end of the year, youth committees will be formed to vote on the nominations, and recipients of the Founder’s Award and candidates for Vigil Honor will be announced at our lodge banquet next February.

An Arrowman must be a Brotherhood member for at least two years to be eligible for Vigil, and our lodge has six “slots” this year based on our last year’s total membership number (but doesn’t have to fill them if not enough Arrowmen are worthy). Founder’s Award has no honor level requirement, but we only get to award two of them. Neither award should be given simply for time served or a job done adequately. Take care to nominate only the most driven, most impressive Arrowmen our lodge has to offer.

The forms went out by email, but are also available on Dropbox:
* Vigil Honor Nomination (due 10 November)

* Founder’s Award Nomination (due 28 November)

New Lodge Chief and a cheerful send-off for a family that embodies service

With heavy hearts and firm handshakes, we bid farewell to Seth, Kena, Mike and Polly Reid. They’ve served our lodge tirelessly for years, keeping Hukilau Chapter strong as well as supporting lodge-level ceremonies and events, as well as running a hugely successful trading post at lodge and council functions.

With Seth’s departure, we asked for lodge officers and chapter chiefs interested in serving as interim Lodge Chief to announce their candidacy. Devin Hartzell from Kapiolani and Reagen Meador from Koolau both put their names in the hat, and in a vote last Wednesday, Devin Hartzell was selected to serve as our new Na Mokupuni O Lawelawe Lodge Chief.

Mike and Polly Reid with Will Hartzell, Lodge Adviser

Devin taking the OA Oath of Office

Seth Reid, outgoing lodge chief, gives the bonnet to Devin

Devin giving a short acceptance speech after the election